About Me

My name is Ashley Pugh and I am a huge football fan, there is a huge market in football writing nowadays with everyone pretending to be a Gillette Soccer Saturday pundit, but I’m not everyone.

I am 22 years old, studied BA Hons Journalism at Staffordshire University and graduated. I became employed in February of last year and couldn’t keep the blog going but I’m back to keep it up-to-date! Ultimately, the dream is to become a Gillette Soccer Saturday pundit – hey, a guy can dream can’t he?

I support Arsenal Football Club and I’ve been told I’m not biased, until Thierry Henry comes into the situation. My life seems to have a direct correlation with Arsenal’s results – when Arsenal are doing well, my life is hunky-dory, when Arsenal aren’t doing so well, life gets tough!

I decided to start blog writing about two years ago when I wanted to start writing my thoughts on football on the internet and it turns out people started to enjoy it – so I followed it up and did it some more!


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